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It was never so easy to own your customized or even personalized webstore. Martsmart helps you with end-to-end customization of your dedicated webstore full of your own inventory of your preferred items sourced to your webstore directly from manufacturers.

Trader Financing Program is aimed at empowering people. You can own your own webstore with your own preferred inventory sourced and shipped to you directly from the manufacturers. You simply invest in your inventory as a Martsmart Starter while Martsmart invests in your webstore development, maintenance, upgrades, payment integration, product sourcing, pre-shipment inspections, quality assurance, logistics, centralized marketing and brand personality development.

Martsmart helps you through entire process starting from conceptualization and development of your dedicated webstore, sourcing your preferred products directly from the manufacturers, organizing cost effective shipping with quality assurance at guaranteed best prices and buyers protection. Martsmart also supports your dedicated webstore through centralized digital marketing campaigns aimed at increasing traffic on your webstore.

Martsmart provides you with low-cost embedded solutions. You can start your business with as low as 3000 Euros and become a Martsmart Certified Trader having ownership of your own preferred inventory consisting of entire range of products that you wish to sell at your webstore. Martsmart delivers you the stock worth 3000 Euros and performs as your service provider for the entire suite of trading services to minimize your initial costs and capital expenditures. You focus on sales while Martsmart takes care of your webstore. We share profits according to the extent of our contribution.

Martsmart Trader Financing Program is leveraged by Murad Bank. You open a trader account with Murad Bank upon approval of your business plan and pay your requisite cash equity contribution. Murad Bank extends interest free private equity financing covering initial capital investment. Financing facility includes entire costs incurred on development of your own webstore and costs incurred on trading services.

Martsmart encourages you to fully own your webstore through “pay as you earn” flexible payback plan. Martsmart Certified Traders generate average net profits exceeding 20% a month. It means that you can opt to payback in less than a year. Martsmart also protects you through our hallmark Martsmart Traders Protection Program. It means that Martsmart has organized a buy-back guarantee from Murad Bank. You can sell your webstore after payback.

Martsmart unleashes your selling potential and allows you to build your own sales-force integrated with Martsmart Community. This unique “influencer marketing” and “social selling” network is knitted to encourage direct sales and provide honorable career opportunities to the jobless, part-timers, housewives, students and networking specialists.

Martsmart combats unemployment. You can join Martsmart Community if you cannot invest the minimum 3000 Euros to own your own webstore. You will be connected with your Martsmart Guru to be trained to perform as an individual seller/merchant. You won’t hold the stock, yet you make money by offering your social selling services to a Martsmart Certified Trader.

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